News from “Pytheas” – 27/05/24

The Tyrrhenian Sea wanted to remind me once again of its mythological Odyssean roots. This time, I was not in danger like on the way to Marseille, but on the last day before arriving in Naples, it tested my endurance again. 6-7 hours of heavy rainfall and then strong waves without wind until arrival.

Sleepless for 2 days, arriving at 4 in the morning, as we had to pass safely through the islands and reefs of the Bay of Naples. We moored at the familiar port of “Torre del Greco” and after 3 hours of sleep, we “surrendered” to the wonderful welcome of the representatives of the Greek community.
But we will talk about that shortly.

Three “Thank Yous” once again:

  • To the Secretary General Mr. Giannis Chrysoulakis and Mr. Konstantinos Prokakis, First Communication Advisor, from the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the excellent organizational support of my journey to the Greek communities of Italy and France, which I visited.
  • To the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Christos Dimas and his associates, for the continuous personal encouragement as well as the support.
  • To Mr. Antonis Karagiannakis – who was recently awarded for his journalistic work by the Botsis Foundation – for his radio show “Good Seas” which has been a “crew member” throughout the Olympic journey of the “Pytheas”.
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